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Horse worming is essential part of your horse’s care and buying good horse wormers is extremely important. Here at JS Equine, we are passionate about the products we sell. Our dedicated team can give you help and advise on selecting the right wormer for your animal. Prevention is better than cure and that is certainly the case when buying equine worming products. They must be used in a responsible fashion as under dosing can lead to worm resistance. Conversely overdosing can be dangerous for your horse, as well as wasting your money. There are guidelines at the bottom of this page on how to select the correct worming dose for your horse. If in doubt then please give us a call on 01452 863 000 and we will be happy to discus your specific requirements.

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Regular worming is an essential part of your horse or pony’s health. In some cases faecal egg counts are needed to ascertain the nature of the existing worm burden. A worm control plan is recommended for each animal suited to their weight. Pasturing is also extremely important, and in cases where this is shared with other owners, some cooperation may be needed.

There are some worms which can have a devastating affect on your horse’s health. Tapeworms and Encysted small redworm larvae can require intervention from a vet. All horses are at risk of being infected but those most at rick are older horses which are over 15 years old or young horses under 5. Some experts estimate that up to 2/3rds of horses are infected with tapeworms in the UK!

In order to dose your horse with wormer correctly you will need to ascertain its weight. There is a fairly standard formula for this which is:

Heart Girth (In Inches) x Body length (In Inches) / 330 = Weight (In Pounds)

For younger horses you can replace 330 with 300. There is more help here which is useful for different breeds of horse:

Under worming can lead to health problems such as hair loss, diarrhoea. Colic and more seriously fatal perforation of the intestine.  If in doubt give us a call and we will be happy to help advise on our horse wormers! 01452 863 000.