Payment & Security

Processing payments

We use SagePay to handle our website card payment processing meaning we do not retain your card details in any of our systems. SagePay is a highly secure, safe and trusted payment service provider (PSP) who process over 4 billion secure payments each year for over 30,000 UK business of all sizes. By using SagePay, we are ensuring that your card details are not compromised as every transaction is encrypted to the highest global standards. SagePay's systems are audited regularly by one of the world's leading qualified security assessors (QSAs), maintaining the confidence of retailers and customers alike.

We also use Paypal which is 100% secure with buyer protection, fraud protection and data encryption.

Fraud prevention

By using SagePay as our payment service provider, you can be certain that your card details will be safe. However if they have been compromised elsewhere and then used by a fraudster on our site, you can be assured that we'll take steps to return your money to you. The SagePay system includes fraud prevention tools which allow us to identify potentially fraudulent transactions. If we suspect a transaction, we will cancel the order and return funds to the card, probably before you've noticed them leave your account in the first place.