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Forks, Shovels and Rakes

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Alloy Rake

18 tine rake ideal for schools etc.

Bulldog Springbok Rake

The best-selling garden rake with wooden handle and steel tines.

Lightweight Shovel

Large and lightweight this shovel is robust and popular.
From £25.64

Long Ash Handled Dung Forks

Wooden handle dung fork Traditional 4' handle.
From £29.94

Long Handled Dung Forks

Long handle 4-tine/5-tine dungfork
From £29.86


Sturdy construction suitable for use on shavings and straw.

Plastic Lawn Rake

23 plastic tines. 54" total length with tubular shaft. Excellent quality.

Poly Combi Leaf Rake

Combination tool - one side is for leaf raking and by turning 180 degrees it can also be used as a fork to move the collected items to a container without having to bend over.
From £30.76

Rubber Matting Fork

Muck-out with ease on rubber matting.Wooden and Fibre-Glass Handle Available

School Levelling Rake

Very light and strong. 36" wide head with alloy handle.
From £30.77

Shavings Fork

Tried and tested, this fork has steel tines and features a well-designed socket giving special strength.
From £28.41

Short Handled Dung Forks

Short handle 4-tine /5-tine dungfork

Steel Shovel

A quality steel shovel of medium size.

Ultra Shavings Fork

Extremely light fork. Aluminum handle and almost indestructible head. An Improvement on the future fork.
From £25.96

Very Strong Plastic Shovel

Propathene large shovel in very strong plastic.

Wonder Shovel

Long handle ideal for shavings, avoids bending when mucking out.

XL Plastic Shovel

With wooden handle and metal trim.